Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between the early show and the late show?

Laser Fest: A multi sensory, interactive experience perfect for all ages. Giant screen video, Intense Laser aerial patterns, beautiful Liquid Sky effects all dancing to family favorite music. See your text messages on the massive screens. Brought to you by the creative teams from the top music festivals. Don’t miss this massive musical experience.

Laser Pink Floyd: Experience the classic tunes from Pink Floyd in incredibly bright laser light. This is a multi sensory, interactive experience on giant screens with video, intense Laser aerial patterns, and beautiful Liquid Sky effects all performed to the best of Pink Floyd. Brought to you by the creative teams responsible for top music festivals. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime musical experience.

Is the ticket per person?

No. Ticket price is per car. You can fit as many people as you want to in one vehicle so long as it’s the legal limit.

Can I talk to a live person if I have questions?

Yes. Here is the contact form. 305.690.6885 / 305.690.6881 |

What can I bring to the show?

Souvenirs will be for sale. You are welcome to bring your own Car Picnic/Food. Some venues will be selling food, drinks, and adult spirits. .

Will there be restrooms available?

Clean and Sanitized Restrooms are available at all sites.

Will any medical issues affect me?

Not recommended for those with epilepsy or extreme sensitivity to light.

Will tickets be sold at the door?

Tickets should be purchased in advance. Tickets at the door cannot be guaranteed.

Will weather affect the show?

Lasers like the rain, it enhances the look! In case of showers, the show will go on!

Do I need to turn my headlights off?

Please turn off your headlights when you park.

How will I hear the music from my car?

Tune into the designated FM Station for instructions and sound during the event.

How long is the show?

Show length is approximately 45 minutes.

What time should I arrive to the show?

Please arrive early.

Can I go in and out of the event?

Once you have parked, you may not leave the event until the end of the show. This is for safety reasons. If you have an emergency dial 911. There will be No Re-entry

What happens if I cannot make it to the event, will I get a refund?

No refunds for No Shows.

What type of vehicles are allowed?

NO RV’s, TRAILERS, or BUSES ALLOWED. OVERSIZED/Tall vehicles will be parked in special designated parking spots.